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Infertility "Just Relax"

Infertility "Just Relax"

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I Won't Tell You to "Just Relax." Infertility Greeting Card

If you have a friend going through Infertility, they are experiencing a very personal, isolating grief. It can be difficult to know what to say- or if you should say anything at all. This card lets them know you are there for them, and that they can trust you not to say "Just relax and it will happen," or "Just adopt!" 

About this card's author

This card's acrylic artwork and words were contributed by JessGrace, supporting Resolve, The National Infertility Association. JessGrace went through the Infertility school of hard knock-ups where she learned all the acronyms she never wanted to know. After multiple IVF cycles, miscarriages, and years of hearing "relax and it will happen" she hopes to prevent one more person from hearing those unhelpful words.

JessGrace's advice for supporting someone experiencing infertility:

One in eight couples experience infertility, but it's incredibly isolating because so many people don't talk about it.  JessGrace says that at first she and her husband were very open about their struggle, sharing all the updates along the way. However, as time went on, this became more difficult. Friends and family were well-intentioned but sometimes unintentionally would say hurtful things. 

"Just relax and it will happen!" was a common refrain. Or stories about how someone finally conceived only after they finally "gave up" and adopted a baby. 

JessGrace says that the best thing you can do is let your fertility-challenged-friends know that you are there for them- even you don't know all the acronyms of infertility. Let them know that you are willing to listen to every detail of their latest appointment. Or that you are ready to change the topic if they prefer. And if necessary, be there to physically block the nosy relative who wants to know "when are the baby grandchildren coming?!" 

Thank you for reading JessGrace's story. We hope it helps you support your loved-one during this difficult time.

Product Details

5x7 trifold greeting card with coordinating envelope.

Inside of card is blank for your personal message. A synopsis of the card artist/author's story is printed inside the center panel of the card, visible when card is fully unfolded. 

Heavyweight 88lb paper with linen texture.

All cards are sent next day and always ship FREE.

Designed, printed and sent with love from Portland, Oregon.

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