FAQs for Card Submissions

I want to create a card, but I’m not an artist or writer.

So long as you are a Human who has Lived The Thing, there's no need to be an artist or writer! Just share your story in your own honest words and we will help wordsmith and create a beautiful card that will express your story to help someone else.

How long will it take me to submit an IF NOTES card?

It only takes a few minutes (really!) to fill out the IF NOTES card submission form. We do the rest, and then you have an opportunity to review your card before we print. A few minutes of your time can help someone else connect with friend or family when they need it most!

Can I create a custom IF NOTES card to send to someone?

If your card submission is accepted, it can take some time before IF Notes will have it available for purchase, so our card creation process is not intended for the purpose of creating custom cards for your own friends and family. However, if you want to submit words for a card that you would like to see in the world, we encourage you to share it- your words can help others connect with friends and family during complicated times!

Can I discontinue an IF NOTES card I’ve submitted?

Once we’ve finalized your card and invested in printing and listing it, we generally won’t be able to immediately discontinue your card. However, please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Can I submit multiple IF NOTES card ideas?

Yes, and thank you for spreading so much kindness by sharing your stories! We can’t take all IF NOTES submissions, so depending on your topic and how many other cards we have in a similar category, we may not be able to take all your card submissions.

Where will cards be sold?

Cards will be sold online only at first, but we will select some cards to sell in retail stores after the initial online launch.

How much does each card donate to the selected non-profits?

IF Notes makes an initial donation of a set amount to the non-profit selected by the card author after the card is finalized. We make additional donations to the selected nonprofit once that card has over 100 sales annually.

I work for a non-profit organization. Can I submit an IF NOTES card from the organization?

Our IF NOTES pledge is that all cards are authentic from those who have actually LIVED THE THING. That means we can’t take submissions from organizations as an entity. However, if you or someone at your organization is sharing a personal story about your own experience, we’d love to hear from you!

When do you send donations from card sales to the non-profit organizations they support?

Once a new IF Notes card is approved, we send a donation to the selected nonprofit before listing the card. Annually, we review card sales and make additional donations to nonprofits for cards that have over 100 sales.

How do you vet the non-profits you support with IF NOTES?

We rely on those submitting cards to nominate non-profits that have been impactful to them, but we also confirm 501(c)(3) non-profit status and check charity navigator. If we have questions or concerns about non-profits that have been nominated, we will reach out to contributors.

What topics are out of bounds for cards?

We’d like to say that no topics are out of bounds, because we want to present the full spectrum of the human experience. However, we must add the caveat that the sentiments of any card must be both true and KIND. Our values are firmly rooted in inclusivity, intersectionality, kindness and the truth that love is love.

How long does it take for IF NOTES to create a card based on my submission?

We review card submissions monthly. Depending on the number of card submissions we have received, we release new cards at least quarterly.

Can I submit a card anonymously?

Yes! We ask for a profile name and photo, but you are not obligated to share your real name or photo.

What specific topics are you looking for with card submissions?

We want to hear what card topics YOU think are missing from the world- or aren’t adequately addressed from the perspective of someone who has actually LIVED THE THING. As IF NOTES grows, we hope to include an ever-growing variety of topics.

Any other questions? Let us know here!