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Card for Friendship/ Social Anxiety

Card for Friendship/ Social Anxiety

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Friends come and go in life for a variety of reasons. The longer it's been, the harder it is to reconnect. 

This card reaches out to a friend you haven't seen or heard from in a while, letting them know you are still there for them and value their friendship. 

If your friend is experiencing social anxiety or depression, you likely wouldn't even know. This card could make all the difference to bring a friendship back from drifting to connected. 

About the Card Author

This card's message was contributed by Sarah who struggled with social anxiety and depression after COVID.  

Sarah explains: It's a lonely world out there for many people experiencing social anxiety. Especially after so much time away from friends during COVID, Sarah had anxiety about coming back into the world. She knew she needed to see old friends, but her anxiety prevented her from being social or even going out to exercise. She was afraid that friends had moved on without her, and that they might find faults in her character for not attending events. 

About the artwork:

Jessica Foote contributed the acrylic painting for this IF Notes card.

Sarah's advice for supporting someone with social anxiety

If you have a friend who might be struggling with social anxiety, don't give up on their friendship! Be patient and understanding. Sarah says she wished people understood what she was going through so they wouldn't judge her character. She explains that social anxiety manifests differently for different people. For Sarah, her social anxiety does not show up as hyperventilating, but instead as nervous chatter. Sarah would stress over every word she says, and scramble sentences so badly she felt like her words didn't make any sense. Sometimes she forgets basic information. She says she just wanted a friend to understand and to let her know they still valued her friendship.

Thank you for reading Sarah's story. We hope it helps you support your friends and family who might be struggling with social anxiety.

Product Details

5x7 trifold greeting card with coordinating envelope.

Inside of card is blank for your personal message. A synopsis of the card artist/author's story is printed inside the center panel of the card, visible when card is fully unfolded. 

Heavyweight 88lb paper with linen texture.

All cards are sent next day and always ship FREE.

Designed, printed and sent with love from Portland, Oregon.

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