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Card for parent of child struggling in school

Card for parent of child struggling in school

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If you have a friend whose child is struggling with neurodiverse behavior issues in school, they are likely getting constant calls from the school and feeling judgement from those who don't understand their child's behavior. 

Sending a card like this lets your friend know that you see what an incredible parent they are to a unique kid who doesn't conform to the mold. This reminder and reassurance could mean everything when they are struggling with how to best support and advocate for their child.

About the Card Contributor

This card's sentiment was contributed by CATE M, in support of other parents who have neurodiverse children.

Cate explains, "Before his IEP was finalized, my first grader (who was diagnosed with autism, ADHD, anxiety and DMDD) was suspended 11 times and placed on a reduced school day with minimal support. The school would restrain and isolate him almost daily."

She wants to reassure other parents that it's not their fault. Cate says, "Your child may have challenges that require a huge amount of support from a wide range of people, but this shouldn't just fall on your shoulders."

Advice from Cate M for supporting someone with a child struggling in school:

Reassure them that they are a great parent, that their child's behavior isn't caused by poor parenting. 

Do not say things like, "They will grow out of it, just homeschool them." 

Thank you for reading Cate M's story. We hope it helps you support someone going through something similar.

Product Details

5x7 trifold greeting card with coordinating envelope.

Inside of card is blank for your personal message. A synopsis of the card artist/author's story is printed inside the center panel of the card, visible when card is fully unfolded. 

Heavyweight 88lb paper with linen texture.

All cards are sent next day and always ship FREE.

Designed, printed and sent with love from Portland, Oregon.

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