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Bedrest/ High Risk Pregnancy Card

Bedrest/ High Risk Pregnancy Card

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IF Only Bedrest Was Actually Restful & You Could Have a Margarita 
If you have a friend on bedrest and/or dealing with a complicated pregnancy, it can be difficult to know what to do or say. Flowers and plants are sometimes restricted from these hospital rooms, and dietary restrictions can be complicated. But a heartfelt card is always welcome.
This card lets them know with a little humor that you understand bedrest is not a vacation, and that you are there for them. 

About the Card Design

Those who are experiencing bedrest know the false impression of the root word "rest" in bedrest. Hospital bedrest involves minor to major indignities and around the clock blood draws and vital checks. The best days of bedrest are endlessly dull, but with a sharp constant edge of fear that the day can take a turn for the worst at any moment. Friends and family should understand that it's anything but a vacation. 

This card acknowledges to your loved-one that you understand bedrest is not a fun or restful time, while giving them hope for better days ahead.

This card's egg tempera artwork and text was contributed by JessGrace. When her water broke at 25 weeks, JessGrace was placed on hospital bedrest to monitor her PPROM and Placenta Previa until her twins were delivered at 29 weeks, 6 days. She found her five week hospital bedrest stay decidedly unrestful, and wished she had someone to talk to who understood.

JessGrace's advice for friends and family supporting someone on bedrest:

JessGrace still feels so much gratitude for those friends and family who showed up for her with notes, care packages, books (although even as an avid reader, she was too anxious to concentrate on a book), meals and snacks to avoid hospital food (although gestational diabetes put a dent in that pleasure.) Offers to help with her older daughter at home were very appreciated.

She felt so much love from all the texts and phone calls, but also overwhelmed by the need to respond at all times. She cautions friends and family to be understanding about responses.

Her biggest advice for friends and family is to avoid asking how many more days they have on bedrest, or how many more days until it's "safe" for the baby to be delivered. JessGrace had a daily ritual of celebrating each day marked off on a calendar, but her sanity depended on not thinking too far ahead, just taking it one day at a time. 

Thank you for reading JessGrace's story. We hope it helps you support your loved-one during this difficult time.

Product Details

5x7 trifold greeting card with coordinating envelope.

Inside of card is blank for your personal message. A synopsis of the card artist/author's story is printed inside the center panel of the card, visible when card is fully unfolded. 

Heavyweight 88lb paper with linen texture.

All cards are sent next day and always ship FREE.

Designed, printed and sent with love from Portland, Oregon.

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